The Most Important Question to Ask When Your Child Has Symptoms | Dr. Heidi Skye
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The Most Important Question to Ask When Your Child Has Symptoms


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Hi Mommas! It ‘s my strong belief that Health Begins at Home.

My intention today is to share with you the most important question you can ask when your child is sick.

Kids get sick and we’ve all been there – our child complains of tummy rumbles in the middle of the night or a fever the morning before school. We hear them say “I have an earache” or simply “I don’t feel good mom.”

Now as a parent we are often caught off guard and what I call our feeling body kicks in first. Reactions such as fear, ambivalence, confusion, uncertainty and the need to be a super parent kick into high gear. This is especially true if it’s your first child.

And then, the mental checklist kicks in: Do they need Tylenol, herbs, and what was that remedy? Do I need to take them to the doctor? Do they need to stay home from school? How bad is it? How long will it last? How am I going to handle this and deal with work today?

And all kinds of emotions and questions bubble up for us.

What I want to do is turn the tables on this – because no one makes good decisions from a place of reaction.

I suggest taking the focus off your monkey mind and SIMPLY ask your child this question:


What does your body

need right now to heal?


So what does this do?

  1. It connects our child to their own body
  2. It teaches them to speak their needs.
  3. It allows us as parents to create space for right action.


It creates the opportunity our children and ourselves to get present. (This keeps us from downloading our confusion and fear onto our child.)

This question powerfully takes us from projection to connection.

Now my kids have answered everything from “I need to throw up” to “Can I have some tea, momma” to “ I need to cuddle Mochi (our cat).” The answer is often simple and easy to fulfill.

All of us have an inner body wisdom. Connecting children to this wisdom is one of our jobs as a parent.

I often tell my kids and the families in my practice:

“There is always a doctor in the house – your body’s innate intelligence!” or “Your body is so smart” (for younger kids).

I have an invitation for you to take action. The next time your child is sick ask them: What does your body need right now to heal?

And then listen to the answer.

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