Rainy Days and Sunny Days | Dr. Heidi Skye
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Rainy Days and Sunny Days


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Today may be mild and sunny. Living in Northern California, I know that shortly the chilly winter rains could begin. It is a normal part of life to experience wind, rain, sun, heat waves, snow and even the occasional earthquake!

The same is true of our bodies.

Some days I feel full of energy and some days I don’t. Yesterday, I was dragging and was aware that the witching hour was quickly approaching — also known as dinnertime in my household.  Today was not the day for a new recipe or complicated meal. Dinner turned out to be gluten free spaghetti, organic sauce from a jar and a simple green salad for my family.

I told my family it was made for them with incredible LOVE and that the home cooking would be back another day! Everyone was fed and I honored the fact that I simply wasn’t up for a big meal production. My body was having a rainy day.

On the flip side of this—I also have sunny days!

I exercise, work, cook, take the kids on adventures and make those around me laugh. My energy feels boundless and I am optimistic.

These physical sensations and changes are normal. We shift in and out of them just as the weather breaks from slanted rain to a sun showered rainbow.

My goal as a parent is to identify my rainy and sunny days and show my children how I adapt and honor these cycles.

I teach my children that there are rainy days and there are sunny days.All bodies have cycles. This is normal.

Our bodies reflect nature, as there is a constant ebb and flow of energy, enthusiasm and symptoms over the course of our lives.

Sometimes I ask my kids, “What’s the weather report today?” and I’m not asking them if it will be sunny. I’m asking them to check in with their bodies and tell me what’s up.

How are you feeling? How did you sleep? Did you wake up hungry? What’s your energy level?

*Important Point:  Bad weather doesn’t mean they’re sick or that it’s wrong to be low energy.

Overreaction to every adjustment in our children’s physiology teaches them fear, and that they should feel only one way. This is at odds with what they see around themselves in others and in the environment.

It’s healthy for our body to shift and respond.  We respond to the food we eat, stressors in our lives, the moon cycle, hormonal cycles, whether or not we slept enough or stayed up late, how much movement we’ve had and how much fun we’ve had!

Our job as parent’s is to guide our children into noticing how these things affect them.


Too tired to read the whole blog?

Make sure you read this……..!!!!!!


Cultivating self-awareness in kids is more important than trying to manage their energy by managing their lives.


Someday they will have to do it on their own and if we help them be conscious as children the learning curve is easier as an adult.


  • jason kolber
    Posted at 14:45h, 09 February Reply

    You are a refreshing voice
    A” I can do it ” message in the world of I Cant’s

    Keep sharing and illuminate all whom you meet Dr Heidi!

  • kate brennan
    Posted at 16:31h, 07 August Reply

    Heidi – Your knowledge about children and family health runs deep. I have had the privilege to have you work with my children over the years supporting their health and teaching them how to trust their own powerful and amazing bodies. You’ve been there for falls and spills, hip joints out of place, for colds and headaches, for flus and even more serious conditions like mono last year. Your breadth of experience is masterful. Thank you, thank you for creating this for the larger community!!!

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