La Manifesta - A Parenting Revolution | Dr. Heidi Skye
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Mom with kids in grass

La Manifesta – A Parenting Revolution


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Once upon a time, moms used to tend the fire and forage for food. Survival. Then, they’d try to marry their daughters off for financial advancement. Stability. Then, they not only kept their family healthy and clean, but they entered the workforce. Integration. (Of course, this whole evolution took a few thousand years…)

You know this is not where the story ends. We’re not at the peak of human existence. Not yet, anyway.

Life evolves. Moms evolve. And now that we have our food, shelter and security handled, we can evolve ideas. We can think big thoughts and bring them into the world.

We can evolve our culture by being a mom.

Can you sense it too?

I’ve met you. At the playground, at the doctor’s office, at yoga and the farmer’s market. You are no ordinary mom. Not only are you conscious about your choices, from where you give birth to the food you buy, but you are seeking the next level of creativity, productivity, health and engagement. You’re engaged in a revolution. And a revolution happen with lots of people.

So where is your tribe? Right here.

You understand so much and give your kids the benefits of this new knowledge every day. You are actively empowering your kids to thrive in the new world order. Educating them to solve looming problems, to live longer, stronger, fitter, wiser, healthier. You are willing to push your own educational edge. You strive to increase your family’s consciousness, awareness, resilience and abilities.

What you do as a mom will create human beings who can save the world for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. No biggie.

And I get it: you often feel worried, concerned, overwhelmed, unsure of how to do this, tired and tantrumy ’cause just the day-to-day duties of a mom are often completely overwhelming. You wonder — how do I do this?

And…sometimes your deep, burning desire to make the world a better, healthier place for your kids (and every moms’ kids) gets crazy, steroidal even. Let me give you a place to land your helicopter. A way to tame the tiger, mom.

The revolution starts here.

Together, in community, we will bring our fears, frustrations, hysteria, over-achieving attempts, lame-ass tries and uncoordinated efforts to one simple thing:

Raising an aware, healthful and empowered child.

Here we will take a stand.
Here we will help each other.
Here we will get it done — one conversation at a time.

What are these conversations about?


• Healthy mind, healthy body
• Speaking the language of wellness
• Honoring the body’s innate wisdom
• Empowering the archetype
• Tuning in to sense resonance
• Creating a headspace for healing
• DNA: Our internal library of possibility
• Understanding thoughts are things
• Learning the process of inquiry
• Creating an expectation of health
and my personal favorite: “Everything is connected to everything.”

If these ideas intrigue you, inspire you and ignite you, then welcome to your landing pad, Revolutionary Evolutionary Mom.

’Cause I say…the hand that rules the cradle, rocks the world!
(read it again if you think I am referring to a movie about a crazy nanny)

P.S. And the cool thing is that each one of the conversations listed above comes with a spiritual download (to be revealed later…)


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