Make Your Kids Healthier with Words! | Dr. Heidi Skye
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Make Your Kids Healthier with Words!


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As parents, we shape our children’s world by describing it to them.

If we don’t mention the body’s innate intelligence to our child, how will they know about it?

We need to figure out how to tell our children about their body’s inner healing wisdom. Then it exists as part of our child’s constitution as they grow up.

Language matters because it brings something into conscious awareness.  When we are conscious of it, we can do something with it. Believing our bodies are strong and smart creates a sense of safety.

If a child knows their body is self-healing and they have words for it, then healing is noticed and always a possibility.

Just the awareness is empowering.  It deepens and expands our framework for thinking about health. So when you say to your child, “You’re sick so you need to lie down,” you’re not telling them anything they don’t know. If instead you say, “Your body is indicating it needs rest,” you’re teaching them how to listen.

So what do we say to our say to our kids? How do we talk about innate intelligence?

Simply begin to mention it whether they are sick or well.

Weave it into your conversations.

You get to choose words that resonate for your family.

Examples include:

Lifeforce               Healing wisdom

                                  Body’s intelligence

Innate intelligence              

Bodily intuition

Energy           Knowing

Next time your child has a scrape, cut or bruise, mention how you see it changing and healing.  Say something like, “Your body’s intelligence is at work healing that up! See how it makes a protective scab?”

Or try reframing a headache as a change in their body’s energy system: “What do you think your body knows that you aren’t paying attention to?”

When your child has a winter cold remind them that their body’s wisdom helps their insides adapt to the changing world outside: “Boogers are your body’s intelligence moving icky stuff out of your lungs.”

Just straight up teach them. “Your body is smart. So smart you don’t have to think about digesting that oatmeal. It does it automatically. That’s your innate intelligence running the show!”

It may feel a bit awkward at first, but the more you incorporate new language, the easier it will get. Your family will soon get accustomed to a shift in thinking and will benefit from the feeling that their body is communicating and taking care of them in important ways.

And then when they are teenagers (like in my household), they’ll roll their eyes and say “Mom, I know!  I feel gross and tired and my body is healing!”

Share in the comments below what you think you might say to improve your kids’ health.

  • Dawn Falite
    Posted at 18:05h, 03 September Reply

    I agree wholeheartedly! We have taught our practice members that when they aren’t 100%, they are…in fact…EXPRESSING HEALTH! I love it when they walk in the door and say, “I really need an adjustment today. I’m expressing health.” Their bodies may be fighting a cold or the flu, but they know their bodies are working.

  • Leesa
    Posted at 19:45h, 15 September Reply

    My daughter broke her elbow this summer, and we had to get multiple x-rays over the course of many weeks to gauge her healing; and I always told her how amazing it was that her bone was healing itself! 🙂

    • Dr. Heidi Skye
      Posted at 23:23h, 15 September Reply

      Leesa, that’s a wonderful example! And it is amazing how bones heal so thoroughly. Great job Momma!

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