Be an Artist of Consciousness: Epigenetics and Parents as Genetic Engineers Part 2 | Dr. Heidi Skye
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Be an Artist of Consciousness: Epigenetics and Parents as Genetic Engineers Part 2


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Hey, busy moms and dads, let’s refresh your memory! ’Cause I know that not forgetting the orange juice on the grocery list is the topic in the forefront of your brain right now, not epigenetics.

In Part 1, Health Lives in Your Mind, Not in Your Genes, the take-away was:

A brain perceiving trust grows, develops, has a healthy and controlled immune response, and creates a healthy body.

A fearful brain releases stress hormones and inflammatory chemicals, stops cells from growing, and results in a contracted body — and dis-ease (then disease) results.

Create the narrative of trust in your household and you’ll change the life and health of your family.

You get to be a genetic engineer for your child! You’re probably thinking, “Great, I can barely get the recycling done and you want me to be a genetic engineer?”

Relax, you don’t have to perform surgery on your kids’ genes, but engineers create programs, and you get to create the program for your child. Not in a controlled Orwellian way, but in an artistic way. I love to think of it as the opportunity to simply create an environment — one of trust.

Be an artist of consciousness.

Just having the awareness that creating a narrative of trust improves your child’s health improves your parenting.

(And reading this blog counts as increasing your awareness — instant win!)

In any situation, you can ask yourself: “Is the story I’m telling coming from fear or trust?” This applies to deciding whether or not to give your kids solids and grains while they’re still nursing or Tylenol for aches and fever.

I have heard it many times that moms (and dads) set the tone of the household. This is so true. The home is a place of power. The story of your household can be about anxiety or about peace; your energy ripples outward, so when you hold a calm intention, you can create peace even during sleepless nights or tantrums. (Yours or your kids’!)

One of the main places parents create a story of stress is around illness. When your child needs to heal, it is critical for you to demonstrate calm, trust, positive expectations and strength. What happens is that many (even very conscious) parents launch into fear. Just at the point when you need to be a healer, you freak out!

You then behave in fearful ways: numerous doctor visits, asking everybody and their brother how they handle a cough, overmedicating, overwhelming your child with homeopathy, vitamins and herbs, taking their temperature a million times and reducing the fever every time. Overreaction causes stress in your child and yourself, and it can undermine or erase the value of the treatment.

This behavior begins a family story that says, “When you are sick it is not safe, and even the adults are afraid.” Imagine the stress flavor this adds to your child’s genetic soup.

Bruce Lipton says the first 6 years of a child’s life is when they are the most programmable, so parents, do not underestimate your actions of trust around your newborn and preverbal baby. From tots to teens, embrace your inner Picasso and paint the picture of confidence.

Don’t forget: stress equals fear and fear shifts your child’s body out of healing. Telling your child the story that their body can be trusted to heal itself goes a long way in engineering a healthful family environment.

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Hello r(E)volutionary mama! Wanna transform your household? Start with my Soul Survey - sign up now!

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