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Your Kids Are Smart


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Your kids are smart. You’re smart. And your kid’s body is smarter than the both of you combined. And it’s smarter than you and your mother combined. Or you and your doctor. And you and your partner.

Don’t ever forget this. I get that this is not keeping you up at night, and that you may already know you have the most genius kid ever born. This isn’t something you search for on the Internet. You may not have ever thought about this.

I’d like to start at the beginning. That is…the beginning of time.

Every body holds the intrinsic evolution of all of biological systems—from the first single-celled amoeba to Homo sapiens. Our cells contain the information learned from a bazillion lifetimes of all life forms. Impressive, eh?

Carl Sagan said the chemicals that make up our body are worth about 3 dollars total. It’s the organizing wisdom inside us all that is priceless.

I can bake a cake, fry an egg and build a birdhouse. I have given birth. But I can’t make an ovum or build a human being from scratch with my educated brain. My innate intelligence, however, is doing stuff like this all day long everyday without me having to tell it to. You see, we are all born with an amazing wisdom that is expressed continuously and uniquely until the day we die.

So why I am I telling you this?

Because on the journey you’re taking with me, we are going to learn to trust our bodies.

We are going to learn to trust our children’s bodies. To trust their bodily intelligence. To trust the mechanisms unseen and un-thought about. We will balance the use of our brains and the recognition that our bodies are smarter than we will ever be (even if you went to Harvard or read a lot or can Google really fast).

Everyone needs a starting point and ours is: Our body has in inborn wisdom smarter than our educated brains will ever be. Doesn’t that feel good? Now we don’t have to know everything.

We are actually off the hook.

Parents, there are a lot of implications that arise out of this idea, including:

• Our minds don’t always understand what the body is trying to accomplish.

• When our kids are sick they are often moving toward a place of balance, but it can be hard for us to see that.

• Healing has its own timeframe, which may feel uncomfortable to us.

• Childhood illness is the mechanism that evolves our child’s immune systems.

I’m constantly thinking about these things in my work, and I’m eager to share my insights with you.

We can relax in the arms of the universe when caring for our children.

What gets in the way of you trusting the body’s ability to heal — especially when your kids are sick? I want to know. Leave a comment below and let’s talk!


Hello r(E)volutionary mama! Wanna transform your household? Start with my Soul Survey - sign up now!

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