You Kid's Immune System is an Apple Computer
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Your Kid’s Immune System Is Like An Apple Computer


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We live in a society focused on immediate gratification and we aren’t used to waiting.

We buy our lettuce fresh, washed and ready to go.

We tap our fingers if our order at a restaurant is delayed.

We send an email and check back 3 minutes later to see if there is a response.

Because everything else moves so quickly in the world, we expect the same from our bodies. Our child has symptoms right before going to bed and we want them to be gone in the morning.

It’s no wonder that the over the counter meds at the drugstore scream at us with messages like “Immediate relief and 24-hour symptom care.”

We take antibiotics and we expect to feel better within 12 hours.

It’s all messed up.

Our immune systems actually work less like your Gmail inbox and more like Apple building the first Mac.

Building the first Mac took years of trial and error, and the team learned from every mistake and every success.  Now, when they build this year’s current computer they start from a solid base of information. A solid platform that took years to develop.

Our children are born with immune systems that are undeveloped and unexposed. Each cold, flu and exposure to germs and bacteria allows our immune system to respond, learn and develop.  Just as our kids learn to walk — from sitting to crawling to standing to walking, falling again and again — our bodies develop in response to the outside world.

Without bumps and bruises we’d never learn to walk. Without sniffles, what would our bodies learn?

Parents often have unrealistic expectations that their kids will never have symptoms.  That symptoms means something is wrong or bad.


It’s actually the way it’s supposed to work!!


Symptoms are good. It’s normal and important for our kids to get colds, flus and infections.  The response of the body is to learn, developing immunity and memory of the illness.  This matures and educates the whole system.

There is no shortcut to developing a healthy child.  Step by step, stumble by stumble, every childhood bug builds the interior landscape of our babies.  Nature knows how to do this, and there’s no short cut.

Time is required to develop an immune system.  It takes years — a lifetime really.  Teach your child that the art of healing is a process of waiting and resting as their body shifts, learns and resolves its issues.

Get comfortable when they are uncomfortable with a cold or flu.  Think of it as a computer upgrade: We all love how smoothly things go after an update … until the next bug appears!


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Hello r(E)volutionary mama! Wanna transform your household? Start with my Soul Survey - sign up now!

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