Finger Food: 5½ Morsels to Enhance Family Wellness | Dr. Heidi Skye
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Finger Food: 5½ Morsels to Enhance Family Wellness


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Lifelong health for you and your family doesn’t always mean complete transformation of everything you do — because you don’t have the time and energy for all that. So I have some bite-size ideas for you today.

You already know that this blog won’t have many recipes – that’s just not my forte. But I certainly have ideas that can enhance your family’s health and are simple to do. Having kids in the house means having questions, problems, and confusions. So here are the top ideas I give to parents in my practice to settle your mind and make it simple to “hack” your family’s health.

1. Growing Pains

It’s scary when your child wakes up at night in pain. Growing pains are most common in the legs, especially the calves and thighs. The jury is out on exactly what the cause is. It’s either muscle fatigue and depletion from the zealous activities of childhood or long bone growth pulling on muscles. Either way, it hurts.

Magnesium is your friend here. An epsom salt bath before bed or a topical magnesium cream or spray applied in the middle of the night relaxes the muscles (and your mind). And darn! It also requires a trip to (my favorite place for these awesome products) to search for a lovely handcrafted cream. For severe spasms in those kids with dense and muscular bodies, try the magnesium powder Calm (½ teaspoon) before bed.

2. Nose Oil

No, it’s not the solution to a squeaky nose. If you’ve been following my blog, you know I trust the common cold and flu as normal and natural parts of building a child’s immune system – they are nothing to fear or avoid.

I also know that no one wants to invest time and money to fly to an over-the-top kid resort for the spring break or Christmas vacation of a lifetime and end up with a sick kid who cannot enjoy it. Planes are petri dishes of airborne wet germs moving easily from body to body (gross, but true). So I recommend nose oiling before boarding that flight to paradise.

Simply take an oil (I prefer coconut or jojoba) and coat the insides of everyone’s nose, repeating every so often in flight. This simple practice creates a barrier in the most vulnerable place viruses love to party.

3. Healing Touch

Babies are little yoginis in the womb, their developing bodies remaining in restricted poses for weeks during pregnancy, and birth is often a difficult passage. Every toddler falls over thousands of times in her first five years of life. Spinal misalignments happen. These then disrupt the normal functioning of the nervous system. Kids don’t know what’s happening, as these disruptions mostly won’t show up as anything painful for 20-30 years.

A simple gentle adjustment removes nerve interference. Then everything works better (since the nervous system controls and coordinates all bodily functions). Chiropractic adjustments will benefit your child’s growth and development for the long term.

4. Himalayan Salt

Let’s get elemental. White salt is highly processed (often bleached) and stripped of natural minerals. And kids (and adults) may have mineral deficiencies. While people love to pop multivitamins, most of the population is not vitamin deficient. When was the last time you heard someone in your circle had scurvy or beriberi or kwashiorkor? Like, never. The modern diet insures plenty of vitamins, but even organic foods can have limited minerals.

So use mineral-rich and lovely to look at pink Himalayan crystal salt. From cooking to nasal rinsing, its ancient accumulation of minerals does a body good.

5. Coconut Oil

Again, it’s not just for rusty coconuts. This underutilized oil helps with everything: heart health (thanks to the protective lauric acid), skin and hair moisturizing, antimicrobial action (when eaten and swished around in the mouth), and improved digestion and immunity (keeping gut yeast growth in check and helping with weight loss). If you can’t sneak it into a smoothie or add it to a yummy almond butter rice cake snack, simply smear it on your kid. A evening foot rub with coconut oil will transdermally nutrify your child (and we all know how important transdermal nutrification can be!).

I don’t have time to reinvent the wheel so check out this blog post on 101 uses for coconut oil.

5½. Read my blog and get your Holistic Headspace on straight!

(That’s not really half an idea, since there’s so much great info there, but I gotta wrap up this writing session because it’s spring break and my kids are demanding my attention!)

Again, as Revolutionary, Evolutionary parents it’s not only what we do for our kids (organic food, coconut oil, etc.) but who we are that makes the greatest difference. Demonstrate and embrace health by speaking of your unshakable confidence in your and your child’s body to heal. This is stronger medicine than any prescription.

So that’s my short list of healthy morsels for your family. Try one out and comment below about how it worked for you!


Hello r(E)volutionary mama! Wanna transform your household? Start with my Soul Survey - sign up now!

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