News Flash: You're A Revo Evo Parent! | Dr. Heidi Skye
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News Flash: You’re A Revo Evo Parent!


Hello r(E)volutionary mama! Wanna transform your household? Start with my Soul Survey - sign up now!

News Flash: You’re a Revo Evo Parent!

You? Yes, you! You may be thinking — am I revolutionary and evolutionary? I think you are — because I have met you — at the park, the playgroup and the grocery store.

You’re a parent who focuses on trusting the intelligence of the universe AND the body. And not because you’re a steroidal new-ager or had hippie parents (although that may be true too) but because you feel it in your heart and you see it in the science!

You get that the mind body connection is actually based in research — epigenetics, mirror neurons and the microbiome are all examples. Now, I don’t — and your kids don’t — expect you to be able to explain those scientific things. However, I know you want to apply them to your child’s life. You view the mind body connection as an empowering, modern tool for your well being toolbox.

So now is the time to step up and expand, in community with real practical tools to use with your family. I am not your status quo type of mom — I am on this planet for a reason and that reason is to empower parents and kids.

Wanted: Revolutionary Evolutionary Parents


Key Traits:

A seeker

You live with your mind and heart open

A smarty pants

You seek the ideal balance between bumper stickers and research articles

Engaged and soulful parent

You revel in the mysteries of your kid and the amazing world around you

Revolution doesn’t have to be violent and evolution doesn’t have to take eons (punctuated equilibrium theory alert, if you’re a nerd like me!). I invite you to a softer, well supported community experience of shift.

Together let’s raise Well-Beings and be the change we want to see in the world we’re sharing with our children.

P.S. The Community will be open next week so stay tuned on how to participate.

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