Tame the Tiger (Mom) and Join the Revolution! | Dr. Heidi Skye
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Tame the Tiger (Mom) and Join the Revolution!


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Helicopter parent, tiger mom, hippie dad, free range kids.

Authoritative parenting, permissive parenting, uninvolved parenting, attachment parenting, positive parenting, conscious parenting, holistic parenting — Whew!

When did there become so many ways to identify our parenting style? Don’t They know we are so busy raising kids we don’t have time to learn how to parent the “right” way?

If you read my blog you may notice I incorporate aspects of many of these approaches. I use them in my own parenting and practice but I’m not rigid about obeying or being a disciple of even the most insightful guru.

Like you, I make my own choices about how to raise Well-Beings. What I believe in deeply is the need to be open and evolve. To be a Revolutionary Evolutionary Parent you don’t have to buy the kit to build the child. You just need to be conscious of the choices out there — and to make your kids aware as well.

Aware. Connected. Healthy. Thriving. Conscious.


You want your child to embody these qualities. I am your guide as you deepen and develop your own insights.


A Revolutionary Evolutionary Parent trusts process.


To a Revo Evo Parent, a good process is more important than a perfect outcome. We know deeply that life gives our kids experiences and they can learn from them. We do not direct the experience but remain the vigilant supportive parent to help them navigate so they can do the learning.

You are inspired and fired up to be the modern parent who teaches your kid the mind body connection through conscious conversations. Yes, you embrace the journey of raising a kid connected to themselves and the universe! It’s not a small endeavor and yet you are up for the challenge.

You are a part of our tribe — a parent who is Revolutionary because you acknowledge both the physical and the spiritual, and Evolutionary as you integrate the best parenting philosophies and your own personal experiences.

A modern Revo Evo Parent:


1. Takes health very seriously and therefore grates the zucchini into the muffins.


2. Wants to lovingly connect their child to lifelong well-being by nurturing a mindset that expects health as normal.


3. Rejects the doctor who subscribes meds without looking at the whole picture.


4. Wants to turn esoteric wisdom (i.e. Dr. Wayne Dyer, Brené Brown, Louise Hay, etc.) into actionable parenting practices.


5. Joins a community of like-minded parents!

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