The Top 3 Reasons to Teach Your Child the Mind-Body Connection | Dr. Heidi Skye
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The Top 3 Reasons to Teach Your Child the Mind-Body Connection


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What if the toolkit for well-being lived inside us and we are just beginning to understand how to use the tools? It does, and we are.

A step forward in the evolution of humanity has already taken place. The Future is here and the Revolutionary Evolutionary parent lives in it — and teaches it to their child.

The power is in discovery and awareness — two things you and your child already have access to.

The discovery of the mind-body connection by a child opens the conversation for a new way of being and behaving.


Revolutionary Evolutionary parents live in the same world as everyone else, but we see it differently. Teaching our children about the mind-body connection will not only make them healthier and happier, but will give them tools for evolving themselves and their children, and their children’s children, ad infinitum.

Since everyone loves the “Most Watched” Netflix list and “Worst Dressed” lists — here is mine: The three top reasons to teach your children to use the mind-body connection.

1. Your child will have powerful and effective skills for healing themselves — always.


A teenager who goes for a hike before taking the SAT. A toddler who asks for cuddles when feeling sick. A child who feels comfortable sweating through a fever. A kid who asks for zinc instead of antibiotics when they have a cold. These are healthful and aware actions.

When kids understand that their thoughts directly influence their body, they will behave differently throughout childhood and as they grow. Connecting them to how their emotions and beliefs affect their physiology teaches them that they can create balance and health within their own body.

When they notice their feelings of calm and ease versus stress and anxiety, they have awareness working for them. Educating them about how their mind can create dis-ease in their body puts them in the driver’s seat. This is a way to give your first grader the keys to the car and encourage them to drive. (And not worry about crashing!)

You child can become a living example of how the mind-body connection enhances healing. Your child will be a well-being, active in their own self care.

2. Your child will be a champion, not a victim.


Struggles with eating disorders, getting stuck in crappy jobs, smoking or doing drugs to be cool, checking out about what we are doing to our bodies. Martyrs, taking care of everyone else before themselves. Negative self talk. (Feel familiar?)

Most of us want better for our kids — way better — than that load of (dirty) laundry.

Aware kids bypass many of these issues because instead of being culturally programmed, they are profoundly connected to their internal wisdom.

By understanding the difference between what’s best for their mind-body and what outside influences are directing them to do, they will be empowered, competent, and aware of the results of their choices on their well-being.

They will not see health as something random that is outside of their control but as something they participate in and enhance with their behavior.

Being a champion means learning what works for them and being conscious of the choice.

3. Revolutionary Evolutionary well-beings will push the system to change — and change the system.


Forgiveness as a healing modality. Placebo as treatment. High school health class discussing the expectation of health. Mindfulness and meditation programs paid for by health insurance. Well-being breaks built into the school day, work day, and vacation structure. Hospitals and nursing homes with art, organic food and nature. Effective cancer cures without any toxicity.

How many songs have been written about how our children are the future? (Thanks, Whitney Houston!) A lot — because it is true. The thoughtforms of our children will create the next world reality. An intentional parent can insure that a child who embraces a mind-body connection will positively affect the world.

I was just discussing with my husband how medicine is being influenced by culture and individuals making new and bold choices. I’m inspired by the changes in traditional healthcare to include tools like meditation, lifestyle and stress reduction. He said, “Yes, doctors are really getting it now.”

And I said, “Well, the medical community is a group of people and in any group, there will always be a percentage that are open and expansive to shifting the current status quo.” The rest will only go there with pressure.

I believe that the proactive shift in medicine to include a more holistic point of view comes less from doctors and more from the insistence of parents who ask for alternatives to antibiotics or seek non-pharmaceutical pain management.

And that’s both Revolutionary and Evolutionary!

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“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted
to a profoundly sick society.”
Jiddu Krishnamurti


Hello r(E)volutionary mama! Wanna transform your household? Start with my Soul Survey - sign up now!

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