What Is A Well-Being? Someone Who Knows the Mind-Body Connection!
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What Is A Well Being?


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My experience of parenting is that it is heavy on “getting life done” stuff, interspersed all-too-rarely with wonderful dashes of inspiration and connection. Those inspired and connected moments fuel and ease the sheer magnitude of parenting duties, so I wanted to share with you the concept that well-being is more about how we think, and less about what we do. I want to weave more inspiration into your lives and those of your children by focusing on helping your kids become Well-Beings.

Here are the awesome attributes of Well-Beings:


1. They know about and acknowledge their Mind-Body connection.

Well-Beings know that they need to relax and focus before a test, for instance, instead of stressing out.

2. They have a name for and trust their Inner Body Wisdom.

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3.They are able to ask for what they need because they’re in tune with what their body needs.

A Well-Being knows she wants ice water instead of juice, or that she’s well-rested enough to stay up late and that’s okay.

4. They have awareness that certain foods don’t make them feel well or aren’t good for them.

My son knows that if he’s overdoing sugar and salty foods, his skin will break out in acne. That gives him the power to choose what he eats (without being nagged).

5. They’re connected to nature and natural cycles.

A Well-Being spends time outdoors in every season, and understands the seasons of their own body.

6. They are connected to a spiritual perspective.

You have a belief system that makes sense to you. In my case, I see an underlying organization and operating principle that matters, and I need my kids to be able to talk about the importance of believing in something they can’t always see.

7. They speak the language of trust and empowerment.

Instead of saying, “I’m so sick,” they say, “My body is cycling. Can I take the day off school?”

In the face of a broken limb, they say, “It’s a drag I can’t play this season but I know my body’s gonna heal over time.”


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8. They know that thoughts are things and they can raise their own vibration.

When in a place of anxiety or stress or depression, a Well-Being can raise their vibration by saying, “I feel like crap, AND I live in a beautiful place and have plenty of food to eat.”

(This is one of the most powerful and life-changing tools I teach in my program.)

9. They’re connected to their own body cycles.

From menstrual periods, to early risers and night owls, to the best time for them to study and actually remember the material, your Well-Being has awareness of their internal ebbs and flows.

10. They know how to determine if a course of action is right for their own body and temperament.

Another tool I teach is how to run a decision through a Well-Being’s body first to see if a course of action is accepted, rejected or neutral for them.

11. They understand how their immune system grows and develops.

Well-Beings get that a cold isn’t their body breaking down but a system upgrade. Thus, they are accepting of it and don’t launch into high drama around sneezing and wheezing. (Calm household = priceless.)

12. They understand the necessity for bodily and emotional discharge.

A walk around the block, a crying jag, an after school play-by-play download of the latest social crisis is part of a Well-Being’s conscious daily choices.

13. They can relax into and create sacred space for healing.

A Well-Being asks for foot rubs, Epsom salt baths or a little essential oil on their temples instead of drugs to make it all disappear. And they sweetly help make your tea when you need support.

Well-Beings who practice all, most, or even many of these attributes are less susceptible to peer pressure, drug abuse and bullying. They are grounded in themselves and their place in the world. Your household vibe is calmer and more connected.

And you are the Revolutionary Evolutionary parent who sneaks in this wisdom in between soccer and dinner.


These ideas are fundamental tools as you Teach Your Child to Awaken Their Mind-Body Connection — which just happens to be the name of my upcoming course! Sign up here to be the first to know when it is open for enrollment!


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