Who Even Are You? | Dr. Heidi Skye
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Who Even Are You?


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In our household with two parents and three teens we have a funny saying we say to each other: “Who even are you?”

It’s our way of saying, “I don’t agree,” or “I’m astonished by what you’ve just accomplished,” or “I know we live together and it makes sense to you but I don’t have any idea where that came from. Are you some kind of alien?”

Sometimes when I’m using the language that comes naturally to me about the topics I’m passionate about, I wonder if my reader is having the same response: “Who even is she?”

So, who am I, this person who wants to change your thinking so completely and wants to give your perspective an upgrade?

This person who wants to reach your children through you (without that sounding creepy) because their healing and health can be your legacy?

Who I am is someone who uses language as one of the key tools in my health care kit. I believe deeply that the words we choose both reflect AND create reality. Words matter in the sense that they are things that exist and can shape the world.

Remember when words like byte, email, hashtag and ping weren’t part of the vernacular? Communication has expanded beyond paper and pen and its language has too. It’s the same with how we frame health, healing and wellness. We are identifying and calling out the new words we need to define a more empowered way of thinking about health and our bodies’ relationship to the world.

What you say, the language you use, creates both a mindset and environment — what I call Holistic Headspace.

Holistic Headspace, huh?


Time for a definition. When I say Holistic Headspace, I’m not just being cute or rebranding health care. My focus when I say Holistic Headspace is helping you and your kids understand what health really is: a dynamic flux between symptoms and wellness.

It’s about how you think and perceive and talk differently about health.


Health doesn’t mean never being sick, always feeling good or not living in a diagnosis. Wellness means allowing all parts of the symptom cycle, up and down. They’re seen everywhere in nature, these cycles. And yet, I think many of us are culturally trained to avoid, resent and just not understand that a cold or flu is normal, natural and necessary.

It’s easy and understandable to want to take a pill to make the bad stuff go away. After all, we see people on TV doing this all the time. Got the sniffles? Take a pill and you’ll feel better. Miracle cures sound so much better than wallowing in your own discomfort.

In place of wallowing, I want parents empowered to embrace graceful, not resistant, healing practices.


Holistic Headspace embraces awareness. It means your child is aware of their constitution — what works for their body and what doesn’t. There is no greater gift than a child who knows themselves. This goes beyond health into lifestyle choices, engagement with the outside world, education and politics.

It also promotes connection. A kid who is connected to their innate intelligence knows that their body is self-healing and trustworthy — and they trust it. They will become a confident decision-maker. They will avoid both the traps of over-reacting hypochondria and over-the-top militant food control.

When you (and your kids) live in this headspace, you embody amazing qualities of:

• Trust not fear
• Knowledge not ignorance
• Competence not skill-lessness
• Presence not reactivity

Holistic Headspace creates a place of empowerment. And I don’t know about you, but this gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I think of my kids being empowered in their lives.

This is the answer to “Who even are you?”

Who you even are is a Revolutionary, Evolutionary Parent raising a Revolutionary, Evolutionary kid!



Hello r(E)volutionary mama! Wanna transform your household? Start with my Soul Survey - sign up now!

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  • Jan P.
    Posted at 13:12h, 26 March Reply

    With a teen in my house, I am becoming more and more aware how language influences our interactions. Well said! Grace over resistance!

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