The Skateboard Injury That Lives On and On and On… | Dr. Heidi Skye
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The Skateboard Injury That Lives On and On and On…

When I was about 8 years old, my dad’s friend sliced his golf ball when he teed off, and it went right into my back — at 60 miles per hour. Boy, did that hurt!  I also did a full face plant off my skateboard when I was 10 that made my entire face bleed. I had scabs on my face for a over a month. My son had a fall where he almost bit his tongue in two — and that wasn’t the last time he bled, either.

These are extreme child incidents that make good stories, but there are so many more happening to every kid which are less memorable. They are, however, cumulative.


  • the soccer shin injury
  • the lacrosse slash to the neck or arm
  • the football dogpile
  • the weight room sprain strain
  • the seasons of ski and snowboarding falls
  • the tennis skid
  • the “oops I hit my head on the side of the pool” flip turn
  • the volleyball slide and roll
  • the frisbee to the temple
  • the jungle gym, balance beam, and trampoline misfires (too many to count)
  • and the accidental elbow to the face

And it’s not just from sport…Think about:

  • the violin position neck ache
  • the computer upper back hump (also called schlumpadinka by Grandma)
  • the repeated falls when learning to walk
  • the climb out of the crib aerial fall
  • and the well-known “my kid fell hard on the concrete and I was literally 2 steps behind her”!


It’s humorous on America’s Funniest Home Videos but in real life all these incidents, big and small, can affect your child’s neurospinal system.

The area where the sliced golf ball hit my back still haunts me to this day. I call it my “spot” and if I’m stressed or have too long a day of skiing, it aches.

Nobody educates us about the way these incidents load into our systems to haunt us as adults.  All of these can cause subluxations, a dysfunction where a misaligned spinal bone creates improper or reduced nerve flow at the nerve root.  This can result in muscle tightness and spasms, pain, restricted motion, a kinked neck — and it can also create dis-ease in the organ at the end of the nerve.  Examples of this include ear infections, colic, gas, allergies, constipation and headaches. (Any of those sound familiar?)

I’m a chiropractor and it’s my job is to check to see if subluxations are present in my practice partners, then clear their system. Adjustments are a simple and effective way to prevent the accumulated negative effects of spinal misalignment.

Oh, and one more thing.  I want you to know a spine can be subluxated for days, months or years without any pain at all.  Just like a cavity, one only becomes aware when the damage is already done.

So consider providing your family with preventative care that will improve the quality of their lives, keeping away those “mysterious” aches and pains that arise and recur forever.  The experience of receiving chiropractic care establishes a wellness lifestyle for your family. It is powerful for all of you to have preventative care that emphasizes the power of your inborn healing wisdom. This improves your body confidence, and affirms that every body is smart and self healing.  This core message make a HUGE difference in the health trajectory of everyone who understands it.


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