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Dr. Heidi’s Stash of Sanity-Saving Blogs

We are so lucky nowadays to have not only our physical community to help us raise our kids but an online one as well. I have Googled everything from “fenugreek tea” to “chicken pox party” as my kids have grown. And I love sharing Holistic Headspace ideas in my blog for this group — our Revolutionary, Evolutionary community.

I am so excited to share some of my most trusted online sources with you this week! Each of these sites have been instrumental in my growth and education as a parent.


This is not only a great source to research information but they have excellent and active chat groups where you can drop your question and receive a myriad of community members’ answers. (How do I get my 4-year-old into the carseat without both of us melting down? What’s the best way to treat mastitis — do cabbage leaves really work?)


Want to read a publication that will create those warm fuzzy parenting feelings AND educate you at the same time? Pathways is my favorite tea time read. Okay, I’m a little biased here because they did print one of my articles, but long before that I was sharing this fabulous parenting resource with my patients and my friends. It’s chock full of unique, inspiring and informational articles, with titles like “Natural Immunity,” “Guard Your Peace,” and “Fearless Birth.” I am a much more well-rounded parent because of this publication. They have online content and I highly recommend that you subscribe to their print magazine.


Do you love to explore the science and research behind a health concern? Go here. I’ve met Dr. Joe Mercola and he is laser-focused on holistic health. His site takes a critical view of the modern health care system, backed by research. (Do you know about the scientific support for how dementia is actually diabetes of the brain?) His information balances what you may have heard from the traditional media with the facts to back it up. He also has a very high quality supplement line that I highly recommend.


Not only does she refer to her kids as the potami which is quite adorable, she has one of the most user friendly and helpful sites for moms I have found online. Her focus is natural health research and DIY remedies. From information about how and why to buy a non-toxic mattress to a recipe for constipation candy (bet you never heard of that before!) her site is da bomb.com for holistic moms and dads. Warning: You may find yourself spending hours here since there is so much useful information.


Wellness Mama has created a standout site that really gives you the goods that you can easily whip up to have a healthier family. She shares yummy healthy recipes, at-home natural remedies, and homemade beauty products — with a splash of home organization (one of my personal faves!). A recent blog on “6 Ways Camping Improves Health and Circadian Rhythm” was something I had never thought about — and my family loves to camp! Make sure to bookmark this site as you will return again and again to learn.

And a special mention goes to…



Joshua Becker’s site focuses on simplifying and minimizing our belongings, schedules, finances and lives. I love his stuff (that’s ironic, since I’ve purged tons from my home because of his blog!). Earlier this year I participated in “Uncluttered,” his online course, which took a group of us week by week to unclutter and simplify our homes. I can honestly say my life is easier and my home so much more enjoyable after going through this course. I’ll post a pic on Instagram to show you my simple living room that resulted.


It may seem crazy to even think about enlightenment when we can barely get dinner on the table with a house full of kids, but as parents we must tend to our mental gardens. Whatever your belief system, please know that Eckhart can contribute to you being a better person on the planet with his gentle, insightful, unique and downright enlightened guidance. I listen to him when I have a few minutes before the kids pile into the car after school and late at night. I hope he is not offended that he helps me fall back to sleep at 2am. It’s not because he is boring, but his melodic voice and truth-telling allow me to be present to the moment and relax my mental gymnastics.

Those are my favorite sanity-saving blogs and I’d love to hear yours! Please share your favorite sites in the comments below.


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