Live in the Sweet Spot of r(E)volutionary Trust | Dr. Heidi Skye
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Live in the Sweet Spot of r(E)volutionary Trust

Mamas, this one’s for you!

There are plenty of folks out there ready and willing to tell you that you are not a good enough parent. You put your baby to sleep the wrong way, you feed your toddler the wrong food, you give your 10-year-old too much attention — or too much independence. And it may not be instagram that makes you feel inadequate, it may just be your own stinkin’ thinkin’ brain.

When you’re not trusting something, you may be Googling late at night, running multiple scenarios in your brain, asking all the other moms in your moms group for a batch of deep advice.  It can feel so out of control!!  Running the worst case scenario in your head over and over before anything has even actually happened! You are basically just stepping outside your power and allowing external influences to take over (#alienbrainabduction).

You have within you the ability to trust ……yourself and your parenting instincts, bringing your heart’s desires home. This includes trusting your choices on how to keep your family healthy and be confident there is an inner healing wisdom you can rely on.

Now, I’m not going to ask you to fall into my arms like at a new age personal growth retreat, but I am gonna give you real tools.  Ways to feel confident and assured on your parenting journey.  You can be the empowered wonder-woman mama who can make preschool decisions in a single bound and claim a gluten free-vegan-paleo (insert your choice) household.

Trust doesn’t require any new equipment or long-term study to start using your inner compass. Sometimes all it takes is listening.

Instead of crowd-sourcing your choices when pondering if you should wean your child, try these 4 simple tips to tap into your deep unshakeable knowing.

  1. 1. Do a Gut Check.

    Your body responds to the world before your mind does.
    When you select a school program ’cause it just feels right, regardless of what it looks like on paper, or you choose one babysitter over another and you don’t know why, your gut instinct is telling you something.  Butterflies, spreading warmth or rocks in your stomach — these are all answers to the question, “How does this feel in my body?”  And this is the most important question to ask to help cut through the parenting trends of the moment.  Override these feelings and you run the risk of losing connection to this powerful source of information.


  1. 2. Invoke Your Intuition.

    Call out to the universe and listen to what comes back.
    One mama I know wakes up every morning and before she gets out of bed, asks herself, “What do I want to create today?” Whether the answer is “a hike with the kids” or “an epsom salt bath” or “dinner for breakfast,” she listens to and acts on what she hears.  The more you act on your intuition, the easier it gets to trust it.  Don’t let your monkey mind reason away what your heart is telling you.  You are the perfect tuning fork, not your pro-con list.


  1. 3. Let Your Body Be.

    True health comes from allowing
    sad days, lazy days and a coughing-sneezing cold to be okay. You can rely on your body’s inner wisdom to guide your healing, growing and upgrading.  Embracing your postpartum fatigue, perimenopausal weirdness and the inevitable flu season helps us to be in the flow instead of resistant to life.  The weather of the body is always a dynamic equilibrium of positive and negative and presence and absence of symptoms.  Trust the body to reset itself, communicate with us and heal itself when we listen to its needs.


4. Take Soul Steps.

Sometimes being a mama pulls us to consider really important soul stirring paths.  It can be painful to decide whether or not to have any more kids or try to do another round of fertility treatments. And deciding to go to back to work with little kids at home can be gut wrenching.

Remember this: Creating is done in steps.
 I recommend that you try on your big dream and allow yourself think what the next simple step would be.  And see if you’re moved to take that simple step forward.  Do I want to call that infertility doctor?  Do I want to tell my partner I am called to have another baby?  Making these questions your first steps means the big decision immediately becomes smaller.  Then you can work through smaller decisions to come to your best soulful decision.

Use these simple steps to build up your trust muscles and flex your mama power in the world.  When you start to feel lost, remember you are building a powerful internal navigation system.

You can be a r(E)volutionary mama and create a healthy, soul-filled home sweet home for your tribe, an intentional place of love and wellness — and of trust.

Soul Survey: Am I A Soulful Mama?


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