What to Say When Your Kid Feels Like Crap…… to Grow Your Child's Health Esteem (2 Simple Steps for Busy Mamas) | Dr. Heidi Skye
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What to Say When Your Kid Feels Like Crap…… to Grow Your Child’s Health Esteem (2 Simple Steps for Busy Mamas)

Health esteem? Whaaat?  I’ve heard of self esteem but now I’m confused.

Good self esteem is when your child can see their own worth and unique abilities and have a high sense of personal value.

You can tell your child has positive health esteem when they:


  • Are comfortable in their own skin
  • Aren’t fearful when they’re sick
  • Have awareness of their unique constitution
  • Can ask for what their body needs in the moment
  • Use words that show they trust their body to heal


It’s glaringly obvious that our culture does a very poor job at empowering our kids to have positive health esteem. We don’t feel confident about our bodies and health.  In fact, we feel vulnerable, reliant on others, ignorant and uninformed. This is done to keep us medicated and reliant on allopathic medicine.

And this begins for all of us in childhood.  (Scary, right?)

So how do we take the fear away? By doing it differently (cue the revolution).

Here’s how to begin raising your child’s health esteem with 2 Simple Steps.

Step 1. Give credit where credit is due—to our body’s healing wisdom.  

The body heals itself every time (even if we use the help of doctors, drugs or holistic care).

To help your child learn to give their body credit, say things like:

“Your body is smart.  It’s sneezing to get bad stuff out of your lungs.”

“It’s a good thing your body is so wise—otherwise your left foot would be on your head!”

Or in our house I’ve been know to chant, “The power that made the body heals the body.”

Step 2. Normalize feeling like crap.

Nature goes through cycles and so do our bodies. Snow and rain doesn’t mean the weather is sick.  

It’s important to embrace the low parts of cycles along with the highs. Why? Because then we can so it’s always the same.  (And we can notice if a cycle is lasting too long and needs intervention.)

Some things to say when your child is in the down part of a cycle:

“Your body needs a rest so let’s snuggle in so it can take care of itself.”

“You’re having a rainy day let’s stay home and take it easy.”

“Some days you just need to slow down.”

“I know you feel yucky, but that’s your body at work.”

Now imagine your child is all grown up and they have positive health esteem. They make healthy choices. They aren’t influenced by health fads because they know themselves. And are confident and connected to their inner healing wisdom.  Congrats mama, you made a r(E)volutionary change in the next generation!

Hey mamas, let me know what you say in your household to give your kids a boost of positive health esteem.

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