What’s Your Brain’s Pandora Station? | Dr. Heidi Skye
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What’s Your Brain’s Pandora Station?

I just heard the most amazing thing.  An experiment showed a plant that was not watered communicated that a drought was happening to other plants nearby.  So even if the nearby plants were being adequately watered they shrank their pores in an expectation of drought.  The plants are connected.

Have you ever felt yourself salivate while watching your kid eat their slice of pizza (before you sat to down to eat because you had to finish serving your tribe, get the special cheese to sprinkle on for your kid, and grab a glass of water for your other child)?  That’s because we have these things called mirror neurons. Mirror neurons are a type of brain cell that respond equally when we perform an action and when we witness someone else perform the same action.  So our body fires the brain in anticipation of eating the yummy slice. Our experiences are connected.

Did I mention that everything is connected?  On many levels. Levels we don’t even think about.  Nature is connected to itself and us. And we are connected to each other.  This is a reminder that more things are connected than we have yet imagined (and are far more complicated than this years’ soccer schedule).

So I’m gonna go WAYYYY out there and say that how we respond to life’s stressors not only affects us, but our baby, our kids, our family, our community and basically the darn whole universe.  I am not saying this to lay some heavy trip on you but to demonstrate how powerful you are.

As a mama, you know intuitively about connection.  When you’re having a bad day, frustrated, upset, your baby knows this.  (They somehow seem especially attuned to the exact moment when you think they’re not paying attention and you can go to the bathroom by yourself…)  When you relax, your baby can relax too.  No surprise, mothers and babies are connected.

When my sweet foster daughter had a difficult time falling asleep my most effective tool was to calm my own body. This worked far better than the sound machine, aromatherapy and trying to find the perfect bouncy-rocking-movements.

I’m talking here about interconnection.  Knowing that our own brains are firing cells in our babies’ brains is pretty cool.

Our place of mama power is that we can consciously craft our broadcast.

When you notice what’s playing on your inner radio, you can decide whether you want to play sappy love songs, heavy metal or Yanni over the airwaves.

If you’re a plant transmitting to other plants, what are you transmitting?  It’s amazing to think about how others respond to your energy.  Because we have complex neurological apparatus it makes us even more influential amplifiers (geek alert).

We have the power to decide.  Do you transmit positive or negative energy?  Fear or confidence?  Do you eat foods that give you strength and make you feel good, not just for your own body but for the brains in the bodies around you?  Your being is entwined with those you love and interact with on a daily basis (as well as the rest of the world) and you can choose the shape of these twinings.

Being a r(E)volutionary mama means evolving and moving forward. Forward from how our grandparents and parents parented.  We are having conversations about important questions: How can I bring a higher vibe to myself, my family and the world?  It takes introspection, thought and intention. I know you are up to the task because you are a part of this community.

Let me know in the comments a place you have intentionally crafted your broadcast and what the result was.  I am listening to your station.

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