Raising Free Range Healthy Kids | Dr. Heidi Skye
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raising free range healthy kids


(a course in free ranging without the scary stuff!)

if this is you…


wants to raise healthy, confident kiddos.


aren’t sure about free ranging.


are over parenting labels.


…you’re in the right place!

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the fear(less) free rangers

parent with purpose


It’s not what you do,


but why you do it.


free ranging is about how we approach parenting and our children.


trust your wisdom

free range from the inside out

the trust quiz! do you…

how did it go? room for improvement? perfect!

let’s talk trust

(it’s all about the ongoing dialogue we have with our kids – so be intentional!)

it is super easy! all you need is:


Your innate parenting wisdom


Less than an hour of your time


A computer, tablet or smartphone



we will talk about:


what is free range health?

(and what makes it a powerful parenting perspective)


what’s the missing ingredient in your child’s health care?


how do you jumpstart your child’s awareness so they trust their own body’s wisdom?

maximize learning opportunities

my course will teach you to:

only $29.00 for friends and family!

(and all that you need to succeed is your iPad!)

moms love this course!